The Screaming Game

The group is divided into two teams. The two groups face each other in two lines. A “listener” is selected from the first group. This one goes behind the opposing group. Now the first group makes up a three-word sentence, which they want to communicate to the listener. The task of the second group is to prevent communication. For that, they have to be louder than the other group. (They must remain in their positions.) The second group may briefly work out a tactic, while the first group finds its sentence. Now everyone goes back to their seats and on three the screaming starts. When the listener thinks he has sent the right sentence, he raises his arm. This is the sign for everyone to become quiet and the listener says what he has understood. If it is correct, the group has won and there is a swap, if it is wrong, it continues. After three attempts, group one has lost and the groups are swapped.

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Dieses Spiel ist auch auf German verfügbar.