Scrubber hockey

Material: 2 brooms (best made of wood!), 1 rag or kitchen towel, chairs: 2 more than the number of players

The participants are divided into two teams. In the middle of the playing field, which should be about 5-8 meters wide, there is a rag. At the other two ends there is a chair in the middle. On the two chairs there is a broom (a broomstick is enough!). On the side of the pitch, the participants sit on chairs and are numbered by each team.

Then it’s off: The game management now calls up a number (e.g. the 2) and the gamers of the respective teams with the number 2 must run to the command “LOS” to one of the two brooms, take this snap and with the help of the broomstick as “hockey stick” the “Puk” in the form of a flap into the opposite gate (the chair, where the opponent’s beaside is still on it).

One of the most popular games in the group, is played by young and old from time to time.

– Instead of calling only one number, you can also call a two-digit number and one team is the tens and the other team is the one. Of course, you can think even further and include math tasks or other small puzzles.
– With two brooms per side, the game can also be played 2 against 2 (only with enough space in the room!).
– Those who have won or lost a game are out until the next round to ensure that everyone gets on with it once.

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