Puking Kangaroo

All players stand in a circle. Only one stands in the middle. This one points to a person and says, for example, Puking Kangaroo. This means that the person being pointed at forms a kangaroo pouch with his arms and the players next to him ” puke” into the pouch (movement suggestion + sound). If one person oversleeps the call or does something wrong, they swap places with the player in the middle and continue giving commands. Other commands are:

– Elephant: middle makes trunk with arms, sides the ears with the arms

– Mixer: centre raises arms above neighbour’s heads, sides turn like mixers

– Toaster: Sides form toaster of arms, centre pops like toast and says bling

– Washing machine: Sides together form a circle of arms, centre turns the head like the laundry in the machine

– Seal: center makes seal with noise, sides make the waves with hands

– James Bond: Center is Bond (pistol with hands) sides kneel down and say “Oh James”

– Hawaii Toast: Like toaster, center beckons at jump and says “Aloah!”

– Broken toaster: Like toaster, but sides jump and center stops

– Broken mixer: Like mixer, but center turns, sides stop

– Darth Vader: Center holds hand in front of mouth and makes “Darth Vader Noise” sides move lightsabers and hiss to it

(Start slowly, with three simple figures, and slowly increase the difficulty.)

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