Poison pond

The poison pond has a diameter of about 3-6 meters. The shore is marked with a rope or chalk. In the middle of the pond there is a small island on which such a treasure fits (for example, a water bottle or a cuddly toy). For the game, we imagine that the pond is filled with acid. Whoever falls into the pond dies. Material that falls into the pond is dissolved by the acid. The aim is to bring the treasure to the shore with the help of the material. The group needs to find out and discuss exactly how this works. Creativity and good agreements are required here.
There are two variants of the game that depend on the material available to the group.
Variant 1: Lots of cord and scissors or various ropes and belt slings as material. The group somehow forms a loop that they lay over the treasure and tighten so that the treasure can be carried out.
Variant 2: A long rope, a band loop, a climbing harness, carabiner, a tree at the edge of the lake as material. The group attaches the rope with the ribbon sling to the tree. A child is hung on the rope with the harness, while the whole group pulls at the free end of the rope and stretches it over the lake. The child, who is hanging on the rope, can pull himself over the lake to the treasure and carry it out.

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