Paint back

The players are divided into two or more groups of 5-10 players. They sit down one behind the other on the floor, so that everyone can easily reach the back of the person in front of them. In front of the first person of each group there is a paper and a pen.

The game leader sits at the back so that the last players in each group can see him/her when they turn around. Now everyone is looking ahead, except for the last in line. They look at the game leader. This person holds up a large sheet with a picture or word (e.g. sun, heart, house, apple – the main thing is easy to paint). The players now start to paint the picture on the back so that it is passed on to the front. The first in line draws on the sheet what arrived to him and holds up the sheet. The first group to draw the correct picture on his sheet wins. If no group comes up with the correct result, it is broken up by the game leader.

The signs with the terms should be prepared, or the game leader draws them quickly in between.

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