Creative Taboo

Each person receives a piece of paper, writes a word on it, folds it up and puts the paper in the bag without the other players seeing the word. Now the first round begins. One player starts, draws a piece of paper from the bag and explains the term to his neighbour on the left. He has a maximum of 30 seconds to do this (stopped by another person). If the neighbour has guessed the term, the explainer gets to keep the piece of paper. If the term is not guessed within the time, the piece of paper is folded up again and put back into the bag. (The term must not be revealed). Now it is the next person’s turn until all the terms have been guessed. Now it’s time for the second round: The papers all go back into the bag. Now the terms have to be pantomimed. In the third round, only one word is allowed to be said. This word may be repeated as often as desired during the time. But no other indications may be given. In the fourth round, only one sound may be made. (For the third and fourth rounds to work, all players must be attentive during the first two rounds. Since the same terms always come back into the bag, you already know all the terms).

If there are less than 8 players, it makes sense for everyone to write down two terms. Otherwise the game is over too quickly.

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Dieses Spiel ist auch auf German verfügbar.