Wink (dog hut)

Two Partners come together. One person in the couple is the dog (in crawling position on the floor) The other player is the kennel (standing broad-legged behind the dog) (In older players, the couples can also just stand behind each other and the person in the back has his hands on his back). All dogs and dog huts form a circle. Only one remains over. He or she stands alone in a circle and tries to find a partner by winking at a dog. The winked dog tries to crawl (or run) on this signal towards the wink (or running) The dog hut does not want the dog to run away and therefore tries to hold it. (The hut is allowed to run one step at most. When the dog is gone, he’s gone.) If the dog makes it to the other person, he becomes a dog hut, the wink becomes a dog and the old dog hut, which has lost its dog, tries to find a new dog.

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Dieses Spiel ist auch auf German verfügbar.