At Slurp, everyone is in a circle, relatively close to each other. Someone is chosen who is going to start and a direction is determined. In turn, one now “slurpts” one’s body part (e.g. arm, foot or head) to his neighbors. You make a “slurp” noise (slurp and inhale) Then you are “glued” to the neighbor with this body part. Once you’ve done this, it’s the next one. When it’s your turn again, you have to take a different part of your body and keep going. Is e.g. the hand of your right neighbour “slurped” to your own head and you want to “tighten” with your own head at the left neighbor, so the right neighbor must move along, since he is “slurped” at the head.

The game has no real goal and is simply fun, eliminates fear of contact and relaxes groups. A round is over when the circle collapses because individual people can no longer hold on.

Depending on the group dynamics, it should be pointed out beforehand that you should not slouch in places where you do not want to be touched yourself (belt zone, face…)

Variation: All stand close to each other and “slurp” back and forth.

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Dieses Spiel ist auch auf German verfügbar.