Princess, Knight, Dragon

The group is divided into two teams. The pitch consists of a “home line” for each team and a centre line in the middle between them. First, each team decides which character they want to be in this round, i.e. princess, dragon or knight. Then the teams line up in two rows opposite each other on the centre line and and ‘fight’ each other by playing their figure. The knight defeats the dragon, the dragon eats the princess and the princess enchants the knight. The winning team may catch the players of the other team until the players are behind their home line. People who have been tagged change teams. Then the next round begins. Before the game, clear movements and sounds are defined for each figure. (for example: Princess lifts her skirt, makes a curtsy and says “oooh”, Knight holds his sword forward and shouts “ahu” and the dragon raises his front claws and hisses “rrrrrrrh”) The characters can also be grandma, hunter and bear or magician, giant and dwarf or other creative figures.

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Dieses Spiel ist auch auf German verfügbar.