Level game

Cards are made with five levels on them. A level is marked that is the level the person is at.

There are two teams, each level exists once in each team. Unless it is played with more players than necessary. Both teams choose a prison and label it. Once this has been done, the teams spread out and try to tap each other. If this happens and a person is tapped, they show each other their cards. Whoever has the higher level can take the other away and bring him to the prison of his team.

Other skills of the levels:

5 – no skills.
4 – no skills.
3 – no skills.
2 – So that the top level does not have nothing to fear all the time, this level can catch the top level. In addition, this level can free people from prison by tapping on the person.
1 – This is the lowest level, if it is tapped and taken away, the team that has taken away the level wins.

Dieses Spiel ist auch auf German verfügbar.