Funky Chicken

All players stand in a circle. One begins the following dialogue, the group responds, “Let me see a …” – “What did you say?” – “Let me see a …” – “What did you say?” – “I said [Bewegung]”For … the name of a character is always used, and at the end a movement is made to match it. The player who started does the animal/creature he/she called before and all the others join in. The movement is repeated three times. Then everyone goes back to the circle. And the same or someone else starts the dialogue again.

Among others, the following animals can be played, your creativity is needed when designing the figures. In the description in each case the “name” and a possible movement:

– “Funky Chicken: Chicken wings with arms and sound: “Boag-Boag”

– “Crazy Monkey”: Underarm scratching and sound: “Ug-Ug”.

– “Toilet Diver”: hold your nose and “pull the toilet flush” with the other hand Sound: “Zwusch”.

– “Gay tiger”: claws with the hands, sound: “hiss”.

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Dieses Spiel ist auch auf German verfügbar.