Electric fence

A rope is strung at about waist height of the taller players. The tensioned rope in the game is an electric fence. All players stand on one side of the electric fence and have to get over the electric fence without touching it. If a:e player:in touches the fence, all must return to the start page.

Tip: You may help each other!

The following two variants are more for older people (13+) and last a bit longer (about 60 minutes):

Variation jailbreak: Ropes are stretched at different heights in a triangle or square. The group is in the middle and must get out by climbing between each of the ropes a certain number of people.

Variation spider’s web: A spider’s web is stretched out of strings. A certain number of people are allowed to climb through each hole in the spider’s web. The number can be marked with clothespins. When someone has climbed through the hole, a pin is taken away.

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Dieses Spiel ist auch auf German verfügbar.