A player stands in the middle and is the contacto. All players touch the contacto with their hands. The contacto shouts “Contacto!” and starts counting down loudly from 15, and all other players run and hide. When the contacto reaches zero, they open their eyes and try to find the other players without moving (the contacto can turn and lunge). When the contacto can no longer see anyone, they shout “Contacto!” again and begin counting down from 14. The players have to come out of their hiding places, tap the Contacto (or a contact tree) and hide again. In the next round, the contacto starts counting down from 13, so that in each round, the time gets shorter and shorter. Once a player has been spotted by the contacto, they are out.

Additional rule: players must hide in a different place each time.

Possible with distance rule: Simply draw a circle of 1.5-2 metres around the “Kontakto”. Instead of tapping, the foot must be tapped on the circle line

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Dieses Spiel ist auch auf German verfügbar.