Chair sliding (according to card colours)

For this game either a classic card game is used or cards with different colors are prepared. The cards are counted on the number of players, so that of each suit (cross, heart, spade, checkere) there are the same number of cards in the pile. The cards are shuffled and each player draws a card. The remaining cards are also shuffled. The game manager now always draws the top card, holds it up and says which color the card has. All those who have a card of the same suit in their hand now slide one place to the left. Since there is already a player sitting there, they have to sit on their lap. Only the players who sit at the top are allowed to slide further. The aim of the game is to slide a round in a circle until you are back on your original chair. (It is normal that stacks of people build up. If the stack is too heavy for a player, the players can stand in front of it. Then the one in front may always slide further).

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Dieses Spiel ist auch auf German verfügbar.