Amazon River Crossing

By two lines an area is marked, which represents the Amazon. The river should be about 8-10 meters (9 yards) wide. All players are located on one bank of the Amazon River. Your goal is to cross the Amazon without touching the water, as crocodiles lurk there that will otherwise eat the players. To help with the crossing, there are the turtles. These float in the water and carry the players when they stand on them. However, the turtles are stubborn and will submerge if not touched. Also, if one player “falls in the water”, the whole group has to go back.

Hints for the game leader:
For example, carpet tiles, chairs, pieces of cardboard or drink crates can serve as turtles. Turtles that are not touched are taken away by the game leader. If too many turtles are lost, friendly turtles can reappear from time to time, so they can be put back into the water. The group should come up with the solution themselves if possible: The group must stand on the turtles and keep moving them with their hands to get to the other shore. The easiest way to do this is to arrange the turtles in a long row. How strictly the rules, “falling into the water” and “submerging turtles” are dealt with should depend on the age, creativity and ability of the group.

Variation: Who falls into the water is injured by blindfolding or knotting the feet together with a neighbor.
Variant for groups over 25 people: Several islands with small groups that need to get to a same shore

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